About Stibo Accelerator

Do the teams work for Stibo?

No. There are no contracts, no strings. Students writing their Master or Bachelor thesis with us still work for the University and have full freedom to take the research they are working on in any direction they choose. It’s their project – we just do everything in our power to make the projects amazing and closer to reality.

Each team gets their own dedicated area they can equip and decorate as their office. No need for shared desks or workspaces. 

Is this your way to hire new talent?

Call it an alternative branding and recruitment platform – that´s OK with us – but remember, the success of the Stibo Accelerator is not measured in how many of our students we end up hiring.

Students from Danish School of Media and Journalism kicking off their 8 week Journalistic Entrepreneurship-course at the Stibo Accelerator.

Investment in startups?

Do you invest and take equity in the startups like other accelerators?

Nope! The goal of the Stibo Accelerator is not to grab a part of your idea or company. If you are accepted in to the program it’s because we think the missing spice in your project could be exactly what the global Stibo network can provide.

Are you going to offer investment later?

Who knows. Like any other large technology company we are interested in owning new technology and especially in collaborating with the people who drives the next disruptive idea. Perhaps that’s one of the teams who enter the Accelerator.

A group of German media executives visiting the Accelerator. 

Lasse Chor presenting the Stibo Accelerator concept to a networking group from Erhverv Aarhus.

Selecting project partners

OK, so how are the industry partners selected for a research project?

Immediately after broadly defining the topic students are interested in exploring, industry experts from the Stibo divisions are included in the process as mentors and guides. This can be Account Managers (industry insight and good connections), Product Managers (for technology expertise), Solution Strategists (for vision of the future and direction for the industry).


These mentors help connect the team of students in the Stibo Accelerator with stakeholders inside the partner company we identify. Why do your customers and your own employees want to take the time to participate in a Master Thesis research project?

Inspiration, innovation and the opportunity to be surprised. Just think for a moment about the sheer joy it is to suddenly see an opportunity or technology that could potentially change the industry you are working in for the better! Great feeling, right? That´s what we aim for: The serendipitous magic that comes from bringing unbiased students together with industry experts.

The office space

The Stibo building is impressive, but the room on level 0 where the Stibo Accelerator resides is literally an amazing world of it's own. Check the pictures below:

Download a PDF description of the Stibo Accelerator concept by clicking the doc below​: