CCI Europe – software for the news industry

CCI has developed and supplied Content Management systems for major news publishing companies worldwide for nearly 30 years.

Our portfolio of media partners includes Gannett, the New York Times, McClatchy, Tribune, Times of India, Axel Springer, Globe & Mail and Infoglobo.


CCI is a company of technology professionals committed to the continued development, delivery and support of CCI’s core editorial platform, CCI NewsGate. The company headquarters is located in Aarhus, Denmark with an office located in Kennesaw, Georgia to serve the U.S., Canada and South America."


That was the sales pitch… did it sound a little bit too generic? OK, in plain English: CCI works with some of the most exciting and innovative news media companies in the world. Not just as a supplier of some software product but as the brains and engineering hands behind the IT infrastructure that makes it possible to run a modern newsroom in the best possible way.


So when a reporter at USA Today, Los Angeles Times or Die Welt writes a breaking news story, it happens in a CCI system. When a designer comes up with the coolest new feature in their iPad app it often takes place in their CCI system. And when the chief editor of the New York Times yells from the top of his lungs: “Clear the front page!”, that front page is cleared in a CCI system.


Basically, the world's biggest news brands look to CCI as their supplier of the system that brings the news from idea all the way to the millions of readers.


The possibilities are endless – apply if your idea is media related!


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