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June 26, 2020


How can information from customers and implementation partners continuously help improve documentation, training and learning in a large IT organization?

Organizational Knowledge Transfer...


How can Voice-Controlled AI systems improve the individual and predictive treatment of patients in clinical settings?

Digital voice assistants and AI are two advancing technological areas...


Can gamification as a mediating technology support and improve employee engagement in retail and can this have a positive impact on employee sales performance?

With departure in a Design...


How can Premier Inn make optimal data driven decisions on behalf of their hotel guests to create a market leading personal experience for returning business guests?

Data has received more...


How can data collection from online news media be used to gain insight into the public perception of sustainability within the fashion industry?

Consumers of today increasingly require pr...


Exploring the organizational and ecosystemic barriers of smart homes today to unleash the full potential across products and manufacturers 

This thesis investigates HVAC manufacturers in...


Why is data from Building Information Modeling (BIM) models not used in Facility Management systems when 80% of the total cost during a building's life cycle is allocated to the maintena...

March 26, 2020


Build a GAN to improve the Machine Learning algorithm to identify products in PIM based on

camera input. 

The challenge of Machine Learning is often to get a training set large enough. Thi...


Using Segway’s Loomo robot to map and scan the store, it will be possible to create and update a map of the store with stock placements.

Ali Haydar Saleh, Jonas Jul Yde and Kasper Weiland



Identify consumers mood (e.g. happiness, aggression, surprise, etc.) by analysing biometric data captured from wearables like smart watches.

Bogdan Mitrache, Tomas Cachojanas and Marian Po...


The potential implementation of new 3 dimensional scanning technology to add value to the supply chain between The Home Depot and their suppliers. 

Rebekka Gejl Thaysen and Katrine Kejser...


Using image data collected by Segway Loomo to identify SKUs and their placement in the store. Preparing placement data for advanced BI.

Eduardo Knudsen and Christoffer Junge

Aarhus Universi...

Supporting optimal creation of
university study groups

Research have shown that 15% of university students are more likely to finish their education if they are part of a functional study group. That...

A collaborative IoT-venture between Stibo and Designit

Say hello to Teal, your new intelligent sensor. Teal is a new data collecting point for brick and mortar stores, created to enable retailers to co...

January 2, 2019


This project examines Stibo Accelerators unique environment for creating ideas, testing and scaling them. Is it possible for a part of a large corporation to act like a startup? What cons...

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