Disruptive grocery shopping concepts

Master Thesis Research Project: January to June, 2016

Picking up groceries for dinner on the way home from work is often highly ineffective and frustrating. Can we improve this using personal data and technology?

Anders Nies, Søren Lundtoft & Laurits Langberg

Master of Science in IT Product Development, Aarhus University

Project partners:


The project aims to explore how technology can support a better shopping experience in the physical store in order to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Our process is based on iterative development principles which allow us to refine concepts and prototypes according to the conducted user studies.

The goal of the project is to present 2-3 distinct concepts that represent possible ways to improve critical aspects of the experience hoping to challenge the traditional way of thinking about grocery shopping.

The prototype grocery store:

As part of creating the prototypes for this project, our partner, REMA1000 provided us with a complete set of store shelves, shopping carts, more than 450 actual products (cereals), product data, recipe data and much more. Here are a few pictures from the build up:

This is something you don't see every day: A REMA1000 truck parked outside Stibo in Højbjerg.

458 products arrive at the Stibo Accelerator

Stocking the shelves

The store is ready for the technology. We call it STIBO1000 in honour of the dedication of the project partner, REMA1000, who provided everything.

And so the coding begins!

Laser cutting the cases for prototype "price tags" with touch screens and driven by a Raspberry Pi.

The interactive pricetags/screens are live.

Discussing the various concepts with Torben L. Sørensen (CFO), Mads Nysted (Purchasing Manager) and Lars Ruben Hansen (IT Manager) from REMA1000.

Testing the interactive shopping cart which suggests recipes based on the products placed in it.

The 4 square-meter cereal-only supermarket complete with screens recommending products based on your dynamically updated profile.

Examples of social interaction aimed at matching food bloggers and other cooking enthusiasts with shoppers.

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