"Scan-Bag-Go" Concepts

Master Thesis Research Project: January to June, 2016

How will the future retail store look like when more technology such as hand held terminals and smartphones are implemented? Is it perhaps possible to implement unmanned stores drives by technology and data management?

Julia Haugaard & Rikke Heisz Nielsen

Master of Science in Information Studies, Aarhus University

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This master thesis seeks to explore how the physical retail store will change in the future due to technology advancement. Our focus is on technology which can replace the counter and check-out line. This focus includes aspects such as less contact between staff and customer, a different shopping experience and change of customer behaviour.

The research will help us understand how technology affect and change the way we buy groceries and which consequences and impact this will bring. Furthermore, the findings will provide us new insight to examine the possibility of unmanned retail stores in Denmark.

The research will be made in cooperation with COOP and is based on COOP’s concept Bip & Betal.

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