Data as currency for news

Exploring data as an alternative payment method for online news content with focus on a younger segment (~28-40 years old). Using a persuasive design framework, a prototype will also be developed.

Kathrine Bov

Master of Science in Information Technology at the University of Southern Denmark

Project partners:


How can data as a payment method replace the traditional paywall in news? At the moment, newspapers rely on “cash” transactions (credit card, PayPal etc.) for news content, but the revenue stream from online sales do not cancel the lost profit from the declining (physical) newspaper sales.

So what are you gonna do about it?

I’m exploring if data as a payment method for news content is possible. By collaborating with advertiser KIA Motors, Jysk Fynske Medier and focus groups, I will explore and test data as a payment method to see if there is a viable business model.

Output of the project will be an investigation into the possibility of personal data as a payment method for news content a viable business model? I will make a prototype (high or low fidelity) of a payment method based on data and based on that give suggestions on how to develop the payment method based on data.

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