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Scholarship: Can we make a physical device for the workplace where selected performance or information is always visible regardless of what is on the users screen? And what will it mean to productivity?

Mathias Løkke Madsen

Project Developer (Scholarship) – Stibo A/S

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Mathias Løkke Madsen finished his Master Thesis at the Stibo Accelerator, we were so excited about the concept of ubiquitous/glanceable info screens that we hired Mathias to investigate the feasibility of productising the ideas.

The goal:

Make a working prototype of a personal dashboard screen to be used in normal office environments to show e.g. personal KPIs, busines critical information, news, stock quotes, etc.


Spending more time understanding the problem than trying to solve it often makes really good sense. So Mathias spent some time with some of the sharpest Business Intelligence people from Inspari (a Stibo division):

A simple prototype was built and the backend finished as Minimum Viable Product. First use was a desk clock and a news feed from TV2 News. We are beginning the see the usefulness of having a fixed screen that does NOT invite to interaction like a phone but simply shows relevant information on a static place:

The prototype based on a Raspberri Pi3, worked so well that we decided to make 30 more.

The cabinets are laser cut plexiglass, but Mathias decided to try and get one 3D printed. Unfortunately he accidentally gave the dimensions in millimeter instead of centimeter and received an (impressively detailed) miniature model of the case ;-)

We are past the prototype stage and can now produce more of the screens – still based on Raspberry Pi. Inspari is running several projects trying out the personal dashboard concept for monitoring sales perfomance, environmental data, etc.

Here is one with a live traffic maps:

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