iBeacons in Advertising

Micro-location based news content and advertising is one of the hottest topics right now. How will this technology open up new possibilities for newspapers to offer advertising?

David Andersen & Lasse Iversen

M. Sc. IT Product Development, Aarhus University

Project partners:


Imagine what opportunities would arise if you could send your audience customised content when they are at a specific location of your choice. Indoor as well as outdoor.

And what if your advertisers could deliver relevant advertising tied to the exact physical context of the consumer?

The iBeacon technology is a micro-location based solution created by Apple. If you integrate this technology into your smartphone news reader app, you can send content to your reader relevant to their context.

Based on the location you choose, you can target them when they are far away, near or exactly at the location you choose. Currently the range is from 70 meters down to a few centimeters. Think of it as GPS, but much more accurate and it also works when the reader is indoors in a mall, a stadium, school or similar. In order to target a reader at a specific location you place a physical device called a beacon.

This beacon emits a low energy Bluetooth signal that tells the smartphone to react when it is within its predefined proximity.

Our research project is titled: Swipe what you like – creating experiences with the iBeacon technology showcased through the media industry.

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Video from Advertising Hackathon in Torino

The iBeacon advertising team participated in the Advertising Hackathon in Torino. The event was hosted by WAN-IFRA and CCI Europe:

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