Sensor data and Business Intelligence

In collaboration with Grundfos: Using Raspberry Pi for prototyping a range of sensors will be connected, data collected, analysed and presented to end users via Microsoft PowerBI.

Alex Karlsen and Emil Nyborg

Aarhus School of Engineering (IHA)

Project partners:


This project makes it possible to assemble information from sensors easily. The user can place a sensor where there are some specific kind of data to collect. The sensors transfer information through bluetooth to a minor server, further up in the cloud which distributes the information to an external screen - in this case the screen will be a Rasberry Pi.

Furthermore, This working method/approach makes it very easy to collect different kinds of data, all depending on the end user’s needs. The mobility of the sensors is a competitive advantage and the rapid sensor deployment can be used very well in the production and can give fast and scalable knowledge about the processes.

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