Personal dashboards for better collaboration

Using prototypes of small personal Dashboards, this project explores how collaboration between colleagues in remote offices can better follow each others work and project progress.

Zain Syed

Aarhus BSS - Aarhus University Master of Science (MSc), International Business


Information sharing is a key success factor for multinationals in today's competitive business environment. Access to relevant and on time information is critical to make right decisions at the right time.

Sharing of information in multinationals is a complicated process due to its globally dispersed entities (i.e. subsidiaries). Previous research has shown that organizational and national cultures as well as characteristics of information sender and receiver have influence on how the shared information is shared by the employees. Keeping this in mind the question is how can the multinationals share information to its globally dispersed entities in a most effective way? An answer to this question could help the multinationals deal with misunderstandings that can arise due to cultural differences and make the business process more efficient.

Problem statement The aim of the company with this concept is to increase the performance of its employees by providing them with relevant and timely information. However, since the concept is new and never tried before Stibo wants to know how can personal dashboard be used most effectively to have a positive impact on the employees' performance and not the other way around.

My aim in this paper is to investigate the cultural aspect related to information sharing. I will suggest how Stibo can improve its organizational culture to share information with its employees more effectively. I would also investigate whether national culture of different countries have an effect on the way information is shared. Furthermore, I will take other factors into account, such as characteristics of the information sender and receiver to see whether that has any influence on how the information is shared and understood by the employees in the company.

Suggestion for mapping the project:

* Identify how current project management procedures and tools deal with information sharing.

* How is information shared (push/pull, in-app, email, SMS…)

* Frequency and triggers of information stream

* Identify shortcomings with current procedures

* Identify where "glanceable information" would fit in to supplement or replace push messages in current procedures

Research question How can Inspari make a successful use of Personal Dashboard to share information among its employees?

Sub questions - How is the organizational culture related to effective information sharing in a company? - How could the Personal Dashboard be introduced in a way, so that it is in line with Inspari's organizational culture? - What other factors are critical in information sharing? (e.g. sender-receiver characteristics, role of management, national cultures etc.) - What effect different type of information has on employee performance?


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