VR for remote controlling people (VR Humaniod)

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Can a Virtual Reality headset on one side and a head-mounted 360⁰ camera with various modular sensors on the other, create a seamless bridge for "remote controlling" a digital twin in another part of the world?

Szilard Csongvay, Jonas Hejmdal Rabouli & Mathias Hejmdal Rabouli

csonti.en@gmail.com - 224406@via.dk - 206791@via.dk VIA University College, ICT Engineering


In the last few years virtual reality has undergone a great improvements. With the release of devices such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and many other technologies that expand the VR market, has made the VR technology more accessible and widespread. With the increased accessibility, more applications have started using this technology to greatly enhance the user experience.

So what can we achieve using the VR technology? Our project aims to achieve an immersive experience when controlling a willing party, bringing the expert's knowledge in real time out into the field. Giving easy access to remote locations allowing the expert to optimize his workday by removing any need of travel.

UPDATE January 2018: All three students are now at full-time positions at another wonderful Aarhus-based IT company, Systematic. They maintain their link to Stibo by spending a bit of their spare time working on a VR project with Danish School of Journalism, Stibo and TV2.

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