In-store fashion customization

Burning Question:

"Can projection mapping on actual products enhance the customer's ability to design and order personalised fashion?"

Mille Skovhus Knudsen

Aarhus University, M. Sc. IT Product Development


When buying clothes in stores you can touch and try on the clothes but the selection is not as good as when buying online. Online you can find every color, every pattern and even customize your own clothes. Why is it not possible to get the best from both worlds? Get the touch and feel from stores together with the great selection from the online world.

In this project we explore how we can create a physical in-store display, where the physical and digital is mixed so we get the best from both world. We use the actual clothes as the interface an then by augmenting the clothes with projection it is possible to see any color or pattern directly on the clothes. With a physical display the customer can create their own design. After choosing colors and patters the customer can then put on the clothes and see their design directly on the clothes they are wearing.

Other possibilities with such a display is to use it for visualizing styles that are already available, but maybe just sold out in that store. So if a jacket comes i seven colors but the store only has two, the rest can be viewed and tried by the customer anyway.

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