Startup: Mindfox

Mindfox design and build digital experiences

They are game creators and love building fun, beautiful experiences for various platforms: mobile, web, VR and AR. They create learning experiences, marketing experiences with a higher purpose and of course really fun games.

Mindfox Studios was founded in June 2018 by a group of old Kiloo employees and already in august 2018 they released Space loops (android and iOS).

“The Foxes are on a mission to help us live better lives and take good care of our planet. We believe engagement and positive reinforcement is the recipe to help us all become better at this” - Maria Garde, Studio Director

Discover more:

The website: www.mindfoxstudios.com Daniel’s portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/danieljohnsen Overview of tools and languages our developers have worked with so far: Google Docs and of course Space Loops

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