First Stibo Hack Labs – how did it go?

Stibo Hack Labs is a concept we introduced for our DK-based colleagues across the entire Stibo family on October 24th. The goal is to organise afternoon sessions called Stibo Hack Labs where Stibo Accelerator hosts hands-on workshops focussed on exciting technologies that most of us don't usually get to play with. The topics can range from very geeky hardware tech to basic beginners introduction to smart home or similar.

Here’s a short video from the first evening:

In the coming months Stibo Hack Labs will invite colleagues to after-hours events focused on Smart Home/automation, blockchain and crypto, 3D printing and Virtual Reality. Also, we will soon invite anyone to bring their own maker/hacker projects to Open Hack Lab-evenings where the Stibo Accelerator room, tools and other curious colleagues will be at your disposal for the evening.

See more (only in Danish for now) here: https://www.stiboaccelerator.com/hack-labs