Project ideas

Get inspiration for your thesis project

Take a look at the topics below and contact us if you see a topic you would like to work with. And remember: This is just a bunch of our ideas – surprise us and submit your creative idea. We are happy to add more ideas to this list and we gladly accept research teams with completely different ideas. This is just to get your creative juices flowing!


Call or drop us an email if you want to pitch your own idea:


Karsten Dehler

+45 2280 7755

Kim Svendsen

+45 2422 5588


Project proposals for collaboration with Stibo Systems, Stibo DX and Stibo Complete in Aarhus, 14th season: From September 2020 to January 2021:

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Please remember, these are just a few of the topics we are curious about – let us know what you think is the next big thing!