Stibo Systems - Master Data Management

How does Fujitsu, BestBuy, John Lewis, Siemens and Sony keep track of information about their products? How do the world’s biggest brands make sure that data generated at any step from production to online product reviews are handled accurately and always accessible?


Simple: They rely on Stibo Systems for that!


Stibo Systems provides technology and solutions that enable organisations to manage their operational information on a global scale. It´s a single platform that provides businesses with a single source of operational information for their entire enterprise.


Unlike transactional data, master data is static data that describes products, customers, and other informational assets and their properties. Master data management is the practice of building a single, accurate and authoritative view of these assets without forcing every department or external party to use the same application.


The challenge is that most organisations’ master data is duplicated and disbursed among multiple systems and applications. As the data independently evolves, it becomes error prone. This prevents decision makers from having a unified view of their data.


And where does your idea fit in? If you are working with a project within retail (both online and in real life) or production, perhaps the Stibo Accelerator and the Stibo Systems network can help you make it real.


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Stibo Systems customers

We are in a fortunate and very unique position to work closely together with brands ranging from John Lewis, Best Buy, Home Depot, Kelloggs, Siemens to McDonalds, Toys’R’Us and the list goes on.

More than 500 leading companies in manufacturing, retail and hospitality rely on Stibo Systems solutions and services every single day.