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June 26, 2020


How can information from customers and implementation partners continuously help improve documentation, training and learning in a large IT organization?

Organizational Knowledge Transfer & Reuse for Innovation of Documentation, Training & Learning



How can Voice-Controlled AI systems improve the individual and predictive treatment of patients in clinical settings?

Digital voice assistants and AI are two advancing technological areas utilizing the capabilities of performing hands-free tasks and intell...


Can gamification as a mediating technology support and improve employee engagement in retail and can this have a positive impact on employee sales performance?

With departure in a Design Science Research methodology this thesis explores how a gamification...


How can Premier Inn make optimal data driven decisions on behalf of their hotel guests to create a market leading personal experience for returning business guests?

Data has received more attention over the last decade as it plays a central role in the com...


How can data collection from online news media be used to gain insight into the public perception of sustainability within the fashion industry?

Consumers of today increasingly require products which both satisfy their needs and are good for the surroundin...


Exploring the organizational and ecosystemic barriers of smart homes today to unleash the full potential across products and manufacturers 

This thesis investigates HVAC manufacturers in the Danish Smart Home market. It scrutinizes which
market dynamics af...


Why is data from Building Information Modeling (BIM) models not used in Facility Management systems when 80% of the total cost during a building's life cycle is allocated to the maintenance phase? 

The thesis seeks to answer the research question regarding...

March 26, 2020


Build a GAN to improve the Machine Learning algorithm to identify products in PIM based on

camera input. 

The challenge of Machine Learning is often to get a training set large enough. This project aims to use General Adversarial Networks (GAN) to learn fro...

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